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Inspection and Testing

One Electrical Inspection Can Save You Millions

Cut Business Costs By Keeping Wires Wear and Tear Free

Call us on 07514 372 175 to speak with a trained electrician

Something just doesn’t seem right. The lights in your office keep faltering – and sometimes, they don’t even turn on. Employees have been complaining about fickle power for weeks. Your outlets have a mind of their own as your machinery turns on and off multiple times a day. We think it’s time for you to call a doctor

Why do we say that? Well, think of an electrical inspection as a doctor’s visit. Doctors can make a quick diagnosis and offer a remedy when we’re feeling under the weather. Electrical inspectors diagnose your power problems when your electricity catches a cold. Do you have an electricity doctor you can depend on? No? In that case, you can count on us.

Over a decade.

That’s how long Amped Electrical has been in the industry. We have the knowledge and know-how needed to keep your circuits, outlets, and wiring in shape. Amped Electrical is certified with the NICEIC and has performed extensive BS7671 work. If there’s one team you can trust to inspect and test your office to perfection, it’s us. The best part? Our first-rate service is one phone call away

What We Do

Do You Hear Your Wires? They Want Us

If there’s one thing you can’t miss in your office building, it’s this. Regular inspection and testing is recommended by almost all industry experts – and for good reason. Faulty wiring, out of whack outlets, and unreliable circuits can become much more than merely a nuisance. Without the proper maintenance, your grid can become a potential fireball. Do you want to stay within national electricity regulations? Then let us step in.

Amped Electrical can:
  • Perform a full maintenance check and pick up on electricity errors that could cost you big time in the long run
  • Make actionable recommendations that will bring your power flow back in line with national electricity regulations
  • implement an action plan that restores stability and safety to a faulty, office-wide circuit

Are you ready for the special Amped Electrical touch?

Want to access our services and keep your office power up to par? Contact us by clicking the button below or by calling 07514 372 175. agent will get back to you soon to describe our services and pricing options. Let us run a test and inspection, and you let your business function better.