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Machine Breakdowns

Have Your Machine’s Wires Burnt Out?

We’re The Team You Need To Re-Assemble The Puzzle

Call us on 07514 372 175 to speak with a trained electrician

Well, this wasn't meant to happen. One moment, your machinery was pumping out products at a rapid pace. Now, smoke, sparks, and spare parts are bursting from every opening. Your production schedule? Halted. Your targets? Out of reach. Your gear? Ready for a potential write off. How do you get out of this one? Surely there’s a way out.

The good news? There are teams out there who can repair your broken machine. The bad news? You’re not sure where to find them. Trusting an electrician with your broken machine is like trusting a mechanic with a totalled car. Will they be able to salvage something from your wreck? Do they know your gear like the back of their hand? Will you be left with a bigger mess once this whole ordeal is over? With us: Yes, yes, and no

For over a decade, Amped Electrical has repaired machinery of all shapes and sizes.

We’ve gotten cranes and handheld welding tools back to working condition. Your job may require endless technical expertise or a simple adjustment to existing components. Regardless of the size or scope of your problem, we will get the job done.

What We Do

We’re The Firm With Solutions To Your Breakdown

What do you get when you combine punctuality, trustworthiness, and over a decade of industry experience? Us. A local electrician callout from Amped Electrical is the best way to start repairing your broken machinery. We will be at the scene as soon as possible to attend to your matter. In a few moments, your machinery will go from a pile of parts to potently productive.

Amped Electrical can:
  • Run a full diagnostics test on your gear to determine what caused the initial breakdown
  • Supply the parts you need to get your equipment back in working order – so you don’t have to order parts through a third-party seller
  • Repair your machinery in no time, so you can get back to producing your products

Want Amped Electrical to give your machine a look over?

We’re certified with the NICEIC and have completed extensive BS7671 work. To get in touch with us, simply call 07514 372 175 or click the contact button below. It would be a privilege to get your machinery back in working order. Whether hand-held or steering wheel operated, our team can and will piece your machine back together.