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Mains Upgrades

Supersize Your Power Supply

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Call us on 07514 372 175 to speak with a trained electrician

Your business is growing – fast. You’re hiring more staff members than ever. Your office space is expanding at a rapid pace. Clients are calling your office at exponential rates. Your profits… well… let’s just say they’re not a problem. As your company continues to conquer new markets, your need for new machinery and equipment grows. The secret spice needed to keep your gear running at top speed? Electricity.

There’s just one problem. Your business is a legacy property. . Built before the arrival of modern circuits, these properties can’t keep up with the electrical demand that comes with 21st-century tech. The last thing you want for your business? Flipping the switch on your gear and watching the lights go off. With just one local electrician callout, this dilemma can be dealt with. By the sounds of it, you need an upgrade to your mains.

We’d be more than happy to step in and get the job done.

Amped Electrical has completed mains modernizations in the Dorset area for over a decade. We’ve helped offices increase their electric carrying capacity – changing them from legacy spaces to spaces that leave a legacy. Your business is already in the big leagues. Let’s help you aim higher and get there.

What We Do

Why We’re The Main Choice For Your Mains Upgrade

Printers. Computers. Air conditioners. Solar panels. IT servers. All this equipment can strain your power supply, leading to energy trips and electric overload. Want an easy solution? Consider giving us a call. Amped Electrical is trusted by Dorset companies for good reason – we’ve helped them enhance their mains for the better part of ten years. With our help, your company can operate on a new level.

Amped Electrical can:
  • Notify your energy supplier that you’re upgrading your mains, so you don’t receive angry calls after the fact
  • Assess the electric demand for your equipment, so we can adequately increase your carrying capacity and avoid overload
  • Upgrade the cables in your switch box, so your point of supply provides you with more electricity

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Click the contact button below or call 07514 372 175 now. Amped Electrical is certified with the NICEIC and has completed broad BS7671 work. Punctual and effective, we’re the perfect pick to enhance your current electricity carrying capacity. We’re the key you need to get your business into a new ballpark.