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Inspect and Repair Your Circuit to Perfection

Avoid Possible Electric Snags With Our Methodical Maintenance

Call us on 07514 372 175 to speak with a trained electrician

Ever take your car for regular check-ups? As a responsible vehicle owner, you should. Mechanics can identify glitches in your car and put forward a plan of action to remedy them. The benefits of regular maintenance far outweigh the negatives. A quick check could mean the difference between safe driving and the wheels coming off mid road trip. Do you see where we're going with this?

Don’t let the wheels come off your commercial space. Your office is electrically wired from basement to ceiling, and every so often, you need to check if everything is still in working order. Forget to do it, and you put your safety and prosperity at risk. Trust us – electrical sparks, circuit breakdowns, and potential electric fires are a real threat.

Step in before it’s too late.

With just one ring, Amped Electrical can send a local electrician for hire to your property to complete a comprehensive maintenance check. From faulty wiring to energy inefficiency and more, our team will identify the problems plaguing your grid. With BS7671 work experience and NICEIC certification, Amped Electrical has the know-how needed to efficiently uphold and repair your assets. Trust is key in forging a partnership. With countless satisfied clients, we consider ourselves a dependable asset to your business.

What We Do

The Trusted Maintenance Partner Your Firm Needs

Keep your systems sailing smoothly and safely. Amped Electrical’s high-quality maintenance services will bring you in line with UK electricity regulations. Certain rules are in place for good reason; without regular maintenance, your circuit could be a disaster waiting to happen – but with our help, you can extend the lifecycle of your electric assets with confidence.

Amped Electrical can:
  • Enhance safety in your office by conducting a building-wide assessment and making remedial recommendations
  • Conduct upgrades or repairs of already existing installations, bringing you in line with national regulations
  • Complete repairs in moments – all of our electricians carry new materials in their vans, ensuring rapid restorations

Precise. Punctual. Professional.

Do you want Amped Electrical to perform maintenance on your office’s electrical installations? Click the contact button below or give us a call at 07514 372 175. One of our representatives will reach out to you soon to discuss our services and pricing. We want your business to boom. Allow us to step in and maintain your office, so you can maintain your revenue stream.