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Call us on 07514 372 175 to speak with a trained electrician

You've got the game-changing business idea. The investors are lined up with cheques addressed to you. Market research shows clients eagerly waiting for your product or service. You’ve put a team together made up of efficiency and experience. You’ve got the office space settled, but as soon as you reach for the light switch… nothing happens.

Running an office without electricity is like rowing without a paddle. Do you want your office to become a booming business powerhouse? Step one: Get it wired. But here’s the catch: You can’t get it wired with just anyone. You need a team with familiarity, skill, and foresight to get the job done. By the sounds of it…you need us.

We’ll flip your office into a place where productive people can thrive.

We’ll flip your office into a place where productive people can thrive. Your computers, printers, office phones, and more need to function at top speed. Every centimetre of your office space needs to be powered. Just one electrician in Swanage – courtesy of us – can make it happen. Sit back and watch your business boom thanks to top-notch electric utilities.

What We Do

Why Your Commercial Space Needs The Amped Electrical Edge

You depend on a morning cup of coffee. Like you, your commercial space can't go without electric energy. Your team may be first-rate, your idea might be game-changing, and your office's machines may be top of the line, but without electricity, you'll get nowhere. Let’s help give you that extra push. With our electric aid, your office space can generate mountains of profit without interruption.

Amped Electrical can:
  • your entire office building, from sockets to ceiling lights, to the wires that snake in between your walls
  • Make recommendations for electrification, so your office building functions at top capacity and meets national regulations
  • Put together an energy plan that saves costs at every turn, so you can invest more money into what matters: Your business

Who would you trust to power your entire office?

A novice, or a company with over a decade of industry expertise? We reckon the latter. The Amped Electrical team is certified with the NICEIC and has completed large-scale BS7671 work. Get in touch with us by clicking the contact button below, or by giving us a call at 07514 372 175.One of our agents will talk to you about our services and pricing. We’re buzzing with excitement to get started with your project!