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Smoke Alarms

Wait… Do You Smell Something?

Get Your Staff To Safety Before The Inferno Eats Everything

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Want to hear a jarring statistic? In 2018, a whopping 38% of battery-powered smoke alarms did not have functioning buzzers. In a corporate office space, this could mean disaster. Imagine the smell of smoke enveloping your building as you scramble to evacuate staff members. Is it too late? Could I have acted earlier?

Want to save lives and property in case of a fire? You need an early warning system that detects and alarms when a blaze strikes.

We can't stress the importance of smoke alarms enough. They are your business’s last line of defence against fires. They save lives. Having a modern and functioning smoke detector in your office is not an option, it is a legal necessity. According to law, commercial buildings MUST be outfitted with a smoke detector of some sort. Don’t get caught behind.

Help us keep you safe.

Amped Electrical has over a decade’s worth of smoke alarm installation and maintenance experience. From home to office, we’ve helped countless individuals guard themselves against the threat of fire. Amped Electrical will help bring you in line with national regulations, so you have one less thing to worry about.

What We Do

Transform Your Office Into A Safe, Secure Working Space

When last did you think about your smoke detector? We reckon a while, and for good reason. As a bustling business person, you don't want your mind preoccupied with thoughts of imminent danger. You want to waft the worry aside and focus on what matters: Building your brand. Let us guarantee your safety, so you can get back to the boardroom.

Amped Electrical can:
  • Conduct a detailed assessment of your smoke alarm system, so potential faults can be identified and fixed instantly
  • Fit your office building with a new, responsive set of smoke detectors – so you meet national government regulations
  • Repair the elements of your smoke alarms that have gone into disrepair – so you have a warning system that works

Don’t waste with precious time.

With just one local electrician callout, you can make your commercial space substantially safer. Give Amped Electrical a ring at 07514 372 175 today or click the contact button below now. We are NICEIC certified and have extensive experience with BS7671 work. You’re not just hiring an electric company; you’re hiring a team that knows the industry inside out.