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Fault Fiding

Is Your Charger Sparking Off?

Something Doesn’t Sound Right. Let’s Step In And Find The Fault.

Call us on 07514 372 175 to speak with a trained electrician

Well, that wasn’t supposed to happen. You plugged your charger into your car, and next thing you knew, your buzzing EV port goes quiet. You're no electrical expert, so you're not sure where to start. Faulty wiring? A component that’s come loose? A connection that’s been cut off? Whatever the situation, you need an electrician in Swanage to get this fixed – urgently.

But wait, who do you call? Your EV charger was a hefty expense, and you can’t trust just anyone to repair it. Most electrical companies specialize in the usual business – home wiring, light bulbs, and cable testing. Do they understand the intricacies of an EV device? You need a team that understands EV stations inside out. If there’s anyone you should trust, it’s us.

We are part of the future.

At Amped Electrical, we understand the rising interest in eco-conscious electric vehicles. It only makes sense that we offer our services in an industry that’s taking over the globe. Our fault-finding team will get to the centre of the issue and get your charger back into shape, no matter the circumstance or setback.

What We Do

Why We’re The Finest Fault Fixers You Can Find

Trust us, we understand how you’re feeling. You’ve poured thousands of pounds into your electric setup. You’ve followed all the regulations, and you’ve taken extra good care of your charger. But sometimes, accidents just happen. It’s not in your hands, but what is in your hands is which electrician you choose for the fixup. With one local electrician callout, you can get that experience at your doorstep.

Amped Electrical can:
  • Run a thorough analysis and determine what caused your fault, whether its poor wiring, a damaged component, or anything else
  • Complete a repair in moments, while also supplying the parts you need – all ensuring a cost-effective restoration
  • Make fault avoidance recommendations, so your EV charger can stay in top condition for years to come

Have a fault that needs to be found and fixed? Don’t have time to waste?

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