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Call us on 07514 372 175 to speak with a trained electrician

This is a major decision. You’re making the shift to electric. You have a state-of-the-art car and a drive to go green – but there’s just one problem. Finding a charging station near your home is impossible. The charging stations available are vast distances apart, and you’re not exactly the commuting type. The solution to your unique dilemma? An at-home charging station.

But wait. Where do you find a reliable charging station installer? . n this booming market, you’re likely to find chaffers and scam artists at every corner – looking to make a quick quid off you. The last thing you want is an electrician to install your home charging station, only for it to burst into flames with the first flick of the switch. You need an electrician in Swanage with a record of delivery. Luckily, delivery is our middle name.

At Amped Electrical, we pride ourselves on delivering top-tier service to each of our clients.

Our team will come to your home, assess your circuits, and install your EV charger. Leave the worry about malfunction, breakdown, and spouting sparks behind. We’ve spent years perfecting our installation methods. All it takes to get the process started is a local electrician call out

What We Do

Charger Installation Made Simple and Stress-Free

Precision and professionalism make more than alliteration – they also make for unmatched service. Amped Electrical has helped homeowners across Dorset transform their homes into electric vehicle charging ports. This is a monumental move for you. How sure are you that your driveway won’t be damaged? Do these people know what they’re doing? Trust us, we do. Looking for that extra assurance? Ask our range of clients about our expertise.

Amped Electrical can:
  • Assess your property and make an installation recommendation that’s cost-effective and leaves your home in a pristine state
  • Provide a full walkthrough of how to use your charger, so you can charge your car without needlessly flicking unnecessary buttons
  • Help you apply for an OLEV grant immediately, so you can save up to £350 on your EV charger installation

Want to start the process right now?

We’re ready for your call. Click the contact button below or give us a ring at 07514 372 175. Amped Electrical is certified with the NICEIC and has completed extensive BS7671 work for the better part of a decade. Our team can be trusted to help usher you into this new green world. Are you ready?