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Landlord, Your Certificate Please…

Don’t Get Caught Without Papers When Officials Come Knocking

Call us on 07514 372 175 to speak with a trained electrician

You’ve done an inspection. Your property is perfectly safe, or is it? A new tenant is moving in soon, and you need to be assured that they’re not walking into a potential safety hazard. Cables aren’t hanging loose, and the outlets aren’t smoking, so where could the problems be hiding?

Sometimes, you need to look a little deeper – and that’s where the EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) comes in. The one crucial step you can’t miss before moving a tenant in.

Mandated by the British government, EICR reports reveal potential wear, tear, damage, and deterioration in your property. Before your renter sets foot in their new home, your report certificate needs to be given to officials. Missing this step is out of the question. The next question you need to be asking? Which local electrician for hire can I trust to get the job done?

We have your answer.

The Amped Electrical team has completed EICRs across the Dorset area for over a decade. Countless landlords and tenants are safer because of our thorough inspections. We investigate each corner in search of faults. Our reports will detail each problem we find and share the necessary fixing advice. Want each fault to be remedied right away? We know someone who can get it done: Us.

What We Do

Amped Electrical Is Ready To Report For Duty

Would you buy a car without doing a safety check? Probably not, and the same applies to your rented properties. Tenants want assurance of their safety before moving into a new residence. With the help of Amped Electrical, you can give them that assurance and lift the stress off their shoulders. Always remember: A happy tenant equals a happy landlord. Happy tenants pay rent, making your job a whole lot easier.

Amped Electrical can:
  • Categorize hazards in your property according to national classifications: Code 1 (a present danger), Code 2 (potential danger), and Code 3 (improvement suggested)
  • Make a set of remedial recommendations, so you can get your property fixed and move in a new renter
  • Get your building back in shape with our maintenance, so your problems are sorted instead of you just being made aware of them

Want that report done right now?

With one call, Amped Electrical will be on site. Contact us by clicking the button below, or by giving us a ring on 07514 372 175. Want to be assured of our premier service? We think our NICEIC certification and BS7671 work experience speaks for itself.