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Additional Sockets

Bring More Power Options To Your Home

And Access Electricity From Anywhere You Want

Call us on 07514 372 175 to speak with a trained electrician

An extra socket never hurts. Are your cables not long enough to stretch from point A to B? Are you concerned about sparks blasting from your charging socket? Is your socket placed in a position that seems illogical and unreachable? Trust us, there’s no need to pull your hair out over socket troubles.

What’s that phrase they always repeat in TV commercials? There must be a better way!
Luckily, with Amped Electrical, there is. Point to a spot on the wall, and we’ll make a socket appear. No matter the corner, and no matter the purpose, Amped Electrical will get the socket in place. With a smooth finish, each outlet will blend in naturally with existing wall features. More importantly, every outlet will be securely connected to your electrical circuit, ensuring faults never occur in the future.

Giving somebody the go-ahead to swing away with a hammer takes trust.

Who do you trust to install and repair your sockets? Countless customers have trusted our team with their socket needs, and you can too. We're certified with the NICEIC and regularly perform BS7671 work. When you send a local electrician callout to us, you get a team that’s tried, tested, and trusted by your local community.

What We Do

Why Amped Electrical Are the Socket Buffs You Need

Are you in line with national electric standards? Perhaps you haven’t thought about that in a while. Keeping up with regulations is essential for electrical safety in your home. The same applies to socket installation and repair. Make a mistake, and you face the very real risk of a fire. With the right electrician in Swanage, you can soothe all your stresses with one home visit.

Amped Electrical can:
  • Evaluate the state of your current sockets, and make recommendations that are in line with electricity regulators
  • Install additional sockets in any part of your home, whether you want to double a socket or to place one in a more practical place
  • Test your circuit to ensure your new socket is powered and safe for use

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