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EV Installation

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With Amped Electrical, You Can Charge Any EV At Home

Call us on 07514 372 175 to speak with a trained electrician

The future is here. Electric cars are slowly bursting into the mainstream. Owners of these innovative vehicles have one challenge in common – finding a place to charge them. EV charging ports aren’t available on every city block, and those that are available are separated by vast distances. The solution? A home charging station that’s plugged into your very own electricity supply.

Imagine the joys of never having to pull into a gas station – E EVER again! The problem? Finding a company that can install an EV charging station. Many electric service companies are still stuck in the past, focusing instead on traditional electric work. This market has untapped potential. All it takes is a company to step forward and take a swing at it. Here at Amped Electrical, we’ve mastered the swing.

We’re ready for the future.

Amped Electrical has installed countless EV home charging stations all across the Dorset area. We’ve expanded our already cosmic knowledge of electricity services to encompass an exciting new industry. From basic to web-enabled, load managed, tariff selective, and priority charging options – we have your needs covered. At Amped Electrical, we can help you to future proof yourself. Are you ready?

What We Do

Let’s Help “Drive” You Directly Into The Future

Do you need a guide as you leap into the future? We’ll be more than happy to give you our advice. Using our broad industry knowledge, we will recommend solutions that have the best value for money and which can be effortlessly incorporated into your property. Whether you want to charge indoors or outdoors, our team has the installation plan you need.

Amped Electrical can:
  • Give you a range of installation options, allowing you to make an informed choice
  • Install your EV charger, so you have a constant source of energy for your car – at home!
  • Design your very own charging station for you, so your needs are met and your EV gets the juice it needs

Ready to race into the future with us?

The time to invest in tomorrow is today. Contact us to get your EV charging station installed. You can click the button below or give us a ring on 07514 372 175. One of our reps will be in touch with you soon to discuss your EV station options. The future is here. Are you ready to be a part of it?