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Garden Lighting

Give Your Shrubs The Spotlight They Deserve

And Keep Your Lawn Lit for Backyard BBQs

Call us on 07514 372 175 to speak with a trained electrician

Your garden is one of a kind. Your trees, shrubs, flowers, and water features form an eighth wonder of the world. Scrap that, the other seven wonders of the world can’t compare – because your garden is your pride and joy. There’s just one little problem: Your garden becomes pitch black as soon as the sun sets. Have you ever tripped over a garden hose, or tumbled into a bush because you can’t see a thing? Have you had night visitors, but no garden to host them in?

What if your garden could be “always on”? For many bold backyarders, landscape lighting has been a go-to solution. Powerful outdoor lighting fixtures cast a spotlight on your exterior entertainment areas, allowing you to see every single leaf, stem, and blade of grass in mesmerising detail – even when the moon is the only source of light in the sky. Do you want to illuminate your pride and joy for the neighbourhood to see?

Garden projects can quickly turn to ripped plants and ruined grass without expert help.

Don’t get the team that breaks pots and tramps on leaves on the road to electrification. We’ll install your garden circuit without plucking your most treasured plants and bushes. Sit back on your lawn chair, enjoy your favourite drink and watch as we light your stunning garden. Pick a spot, pick a lighting fixture, and we’ll get the rest done.

What We Do

You’ve Got The Green Fingers. We’ve Got The Electric Experience

The worst-case scenario? You get an electrical team that litters your lawn with cables and plugs. The best-case scenario? You get us. We’ll send a certified electrician in Swanage to your home who respects your garden just as much as you do. Our team is NICEIC certified and has performed extensive BS7671 work – so we’re the safe pick for electrical garden work

Amped Electrical can:
  • Connect your lighting fixtures to your grid, without upsetting the circuit or harming your garden with electric sparks
  • Electrify your garden, without damaging your carefully trimmed, watered, and maintained bushes, flowers, and plants
  • Provide you with lighting options that consider the design trends of your garden, promoting creative synergy

Does your garden need more light than the sun?

Want Amped Electrical to shine the spotlight on your green creations? Click the contact button below or give us a ring on 07514 372 175 now. An agent will reply soon to describe our garden lighting options. With Amped Electrical, your one-of-akind garden can stand out – even when the sun sets.