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Kitchen Installations

Let Light Bounce Off The Countertops

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A One-Of-A-Kind Kitchen

Call us on 07514 372 175 to speak with a trained electrician

Your kitchen is special, and you know it. The marble countertops look like they belong in a royal palace. Your stove is made from pristine, untouched steel. Your timber cupboards swing open to reveal spotless shelves. All you need now is the secret spice: Electricity. To make your kitchen a true memory-maker, you need to power it up. From lights to appliances, every inch of your kitchen must be fully electrified.

Electrifying kitchens are infinitely complex. Bring a plug too close to the sink, and you risk making it wet. Wire too many appliances to the same socket, and your whole house could go dark with the flip of a switch. Link a cable incorrectly, and your kitchen heat will come from everywhere but the stove. Sound like a daunting task? Let the specialists step in and leave your kitchen needs with us.

Rewiring can become… messy. You need a service provider with over a decade of experience to get the job done. You need a team of experts who are certified with the NICEIC and can do BS7671 work.

Amped Electrical has electrified kitchens all across Dorset for years.

Yours is a one-of-a-kind creation, and we will treat it as such. Tell us what you need. Ornate lighting installed in the ceiling? A stove that can sizzle food in seconds? A fridge that will keep your drinks cooler than the North Pole? Whatever your electric needs, we will have them covered. Sit back, pour a drink, and watch instant magic happen.

What We Do

With Us, Your Kitchen Will Have That Extra Sparkle

You can’t entrust your kitchen with a novice. Amped Electrical is NICEIC certified and has worked on extensive BS7671 projects. What does this mean for you? It means that your kitchen is in good hands as soon as you hand it over to us. We'll ensure your kitchen meets regulatory standards, whilst looking spectacular at the end of our work.

Amped Electrical can:
  • Create an electrification blueprint with you, so your kitchen is fully powered and meets your creative needs
  • Make wiring and circuitry recommendations, so that your kitchen is up to date with the UK’s power supply regulations
  • Provide power to your appliances, so you can get the most out of every part of your kitchen

Is your kitchen ready for one last ingredient?

Contact us by giving us a ring on 07514 372 175, or by clicking the button below. A representative will be in touch with you soon to discuss financing options. Want to make your kitchen just a little bit more special? With Amped Electrical, you can.