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Maintain Your Wiring To Maintain Your Home

Following National Safety Standards Is Priority Number One

Call us on 07514 372 175 to speak with a trained electrician

It’s all about the wiring. Without the necessary electrical rewiring done, your home can become a potential safety hazard. Electrical sparks can cause fires. Your entire electrical circuit can shut down. Open sockets can electrocute people. Your home is meant to be a place of security. You need to keep it that way.

How? By ensuring your wiring is up to nationally certified standards. Perhaps you’re renovating your kitchen. Maybe you’re looking to build on an extra bedroom. Either way, you can’t skip this vital aspect. Altercations to your current circuit will have to be made to comply with the law. You and your family need the right person to complete this job. Who are you calling?

Rewiring can become… messy. You need a service provider with over a decade of experience to get the job done. You need a team of experts who are certified with the NICEIC and can do BS7671 work.

You need us – Amped Electrical.

We will methodically rewire your entire home – on time and under budget. After our work is complete, your home’s internal wiring will be safe, reliable, and in full working order. That’s a promise, and that’s a promise we’ll keep

What We Do

Why Choose Amped Electrical For Your Rewiring Needs?

If you think your home needs to be rewired, it probably does. Amped Electrical will leave you with trustworthy electrical wiring – so you can use appliances and electronic devices without worrying about short circuits, blown fuses, or fire hazards. Regardless of the scale of your project, we will get the job done. Simply call a local electrician for hire, and we’ll be on the scene.

Amped Electrical can:
  • Relook the wires powering your outhouses and garden, so your backyard is fully (and safely) lit
  • Replace your old cables, sockets, and switches, so you can plug your devices in without the worry
  • Fully wire additions to your property, whether it’s a patio or new bathroom
  • Complete full or partial rewiring of your home

In the market for professional rewiring?

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