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Smoke Alarms Maintenance

Smoke Alarms Save Lives

Keep The Ringer On. Keep Your Family Safe.

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Don’t become a statistic. Every year, homes all across the UK are consumed by raging fires, taking livelihoods – and sometimes lives – with them. Your last line of defence against this blazing menace? A state-of-the-art smoke alarm. To keep your home and family safe, your device needs to be responsive to the slightest signs of smoke. The one glaring problem? You don’t know if your smoke alarm is up to standard – or if it even works.

You can’t skimp on something this essential. Out of all the electric must-haves in your home, a functioning smoke alarm is priority number one. The good news? You can get a local electrician for hire to come to your home and maintain your system. Smoke alarm maintenance is not excessively expensive, and the result is worth every penny spent. The even better news? You can get the job done with Amped Electrical as soon as today

For years, we’ve helped families prevent scorching catastrophes – and Dorset is safer thanks to us.

With one call, you can keep your smoke alarms in shape and your family safe. Get more restful shuteye knowing that you and those you love are secure – all thanks to a top tier smoke alarm system keeping watch over your home.

What We Do

Get A Specialist In. Secure Your Home’s Safety.

Don’t let novices near a key piece of hardware. Amped Electrical is NICEIC certified and has completed BS7671 work for clients across Dorset. With our help, you can finally cast a little bit of stress away. Enjoy every special moment in your home with the full knowledge that you’re protected from potential blazes

Amped Electrical can:
  • Make recommendations about your smoke alarm going forward – whether you need to replace it or simply change the battery.
  • Test your alarm sound, so you and your family can hear the ringer loud and clear in case of a fire.
  • Replace your full alarm for an affordable cost. Regulations recommend alarms be replaced every few years.

Don’t waste time when it comes to safety.

Contact Amped Electrical today by clicking the button below or giving us a ring on 07514 372 175. One of our agents will be at your door in no time. We treat our clients like they're family, and what is one thing all families want for one another? Protection. With a functioning smoke alarm, your safety is ensured.